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1. What do I do if I think my water bill is too high?
2. Does the City of Allen use “smart meters” and what is the difference?
3. How does the City read the meters in Allen?
4. Does the City of Allen ever estimate or average customer consumption use?
5. Does the City replace meters on a schedule? Or when they fail?
6. Will the City test my meter if I think it is not working correctly?
7. Why does my water bill keep going up?
8. What is the current water rate structure?
9. What happens after the water meters are read?
10. Are there ever any “reading errors”?
11. Is there a way to tell exactly where my water usage comes from?
12. What is “budget billing” and is it available for City of Allen Utility Bills?
13. What is being planned for future growth and development to prevent water shortages?