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All In

Piece: 'All In'

Artist: AREA C projects | Erik Carlson + Erica Carpenter

Medium: 1,000 acrylic rods, interactive LED lights, custom software, wood, painted acrylic

Description: Structurally, the installation is built on a 14.5'w x 18'h x 14"d wall-mounted base with a highly reflective polished surface. This base is pieced and layered to resemble a watery span of reflected sky or a view downward into a lagoon. From this surface rises a grid of roughly 1,000 rods, each set atop an LED node. Made of dense, translucent, highly polished clear acrylic, these rods resemble clear cores of ice. Collectively, they create a sculptural, diaphanous, undulating surface for the artwork's moving patterns of light. The light-based water visualizations playing across this array provide the visitor with a sense of the overall energy vibe present in the building at the moment.

Location: Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium

Date of Commission: 2021