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June 10, 2014
10:00 AM
Time Details:
Times vary depending on program Last day to register is June 28
Allen Community Ice Rink at Allen Event Center
200 E. Stacy Rd.
Allen, TX 75002
$110 - 10 weeks $88 - 8 weeks $44 - 4 weeks
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Allen Academy of Skating

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Allen Academy of Skating 
Allen Community Ice Rink offers a comprehensive Learn to Skate program for all ages and abilities. Group lessons are a fun way to learn skating basics or improve your skills. From tots taking their first steps to adults returning to the ice, the Allen Community Ice Rink has the right class for you. 

Registration for the Summer open April 4 and class will begin May 6.  Space is limited. Last day to register is June 28.

Allen Academy of Skating class schedule

4 week semesters - $44
8 week semesters - $88
10 week semesters - $110

All learn to skate classes include: 
Twenty five minutes of instruction per class
Free skate rental on the day of the lesson
Free admission to open skate on the day of the lesson
Additional open skate passes to be used within the semester

Class Descriptions 
Intro to Skating
For the first time skaters.
Learn skating basics:
How to fall properly
How to get up
Forward marching
2 foot glides
1 foot glides
Backward wiggles
Forward scooter pushes
2 foot snow-plow stops

Beginning Figure Skating
2 foot glides
1 foot glides
Forward and backward swizzles
Forward skating
Snow-plow stops
Forward half swizzles
Beginning forward crossovers

Beginning Hockey Skating
Hockey skates required and available for rental.
1 foot glides
2 foot jumps
Forward and backward swizzles
1 foot C-cuts
Forward and backward crossovers
Forward to backward transitions
Pivot turns
Hockey stops

Forward stroking
Forward crossovers (left & right)
Backward half swizzles
1 foot snow-plow stops

Backward stroking
Backward crossovers (left & right)
T-stops (left & right)
Beginning 2 foot turns

Forward inside Mohawks (left & right)
Forward outside 3 turns (left & right)
Beginning forward edges
Hockey stops

Forward outside & inside edges
Forward inside 3 turns
Bunny hops
Waltz jumps
2 foot spins

Freestyle 1-2
Backward edges
Beginning ½ revolution jumps
Two foot and one foot spins
Ballet jumps
Beginning backward three turns

Freestyle 3-4
Toe loop, loop & flip jumps
Sit spins
Beginning back spins
Backward spirals
Backward outside
Inside three turns

Freestyle 5 
Lutz jumps, axles & double jumps
All spins including camels, laybacks & back scratch spins
Advanced edge work

Find Out More 
Learn to Skate - Path to Success