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Teen Anime Con 2019

  1. Teen Anime Con Registration

    The Con will be held at the Allen Public Library on Friday, June 28 from 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. for teens going into grades 7 - 12 only.

  2. Attending the Con*

    Our rules and expectations are outlined in our Parental Consent Form, but basically we ask that all teens respect the presenters, volunteers, staff, and other attendees. Any teens acting disrespectfully or breaking rules will be sent home.

    We close and lock the Library doors at 7 p.m. We will not open them for latecomers. If you leave the Library building after the Con starts you cannot come back into the building. This is for the safety of the other attendees.

    I understand the above expectations:

  3. This is the name that will be displayed in the largest font on your badge. Sometimes people that attend Cons go by a different name such as their Cosplay character's name or an online persona. If you leave this blank, we will just put your first name.

  4. I plan on participating in the Cosplay Contest*

    You will officially sign up to be part of the Cosplay Contest at the Con when you pick up your badge.

  5. Dresscode Rules*

    I understand that if I come in costume, I must follow the Cosplay Contest dress code rules, even if I don't participate in the contest.

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