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  1. Introducing Book Bundles!
    A bundle is a variety of 5 books that fit within a certain children's book category, (picture books, easy readers, etc.)
    Simply fill out this form, and a librarian will choose books for your child. Within two business days, the books will be placed on hold and be available for pickup. You will receive a notification when your books are ready.

    To use this service, you must have a permanent library card, not a temporary number.
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  3. FAQs
    What is a Board Book?
    A board book is made of sturdy materials, designed for babies and toddlers.

    What is an Easy Picture Book?
    A picture book has large colorful illustrations with a story designed to be enjoyed by children with their caregivers.

    What is an Easy Reader?
    Easy readers are for those beginning to read on their own or with some assistance. These books are recommended for readers in grades K - 2.

    What is a Beginning Chapter Book?
    Beginning chapter books are for confident readers requiring minimal assistance. These books are located in the Junior Fiction and have a blue dot on the spine label. These books are recommended for readers in grades 2 - 3.

    What is a Junior Fiction Book?
    Junior fiction books are chapter books for those reading completely on their own. These books are recommended for readers in grades 4 - 6.

    What is a Junior Non-Fiction Book?
    Junior non-fiction books are based on facts, real events, and real people, such as science or history. Most non-fiction books have illustrations or pictures. These books are for all ages.
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