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  1. Ask APL

    Get personalized assistance and resources from library staff! Just fill out the form, providing as much detail as possible. Please... More…

  2. Display Case Proposal

    Gallery display case proposal form.

  3. Library - General Comment

    Have an idea or a comment to leave the Library? Write it here!

  4. Next Reads - Youth

    Personalized book suggestions for children and teens.

  5. Rental Request for Information Form

    Rental information inquiries for the Civic Auditorium, Library Meeting Room, and Library Board Room.

  6. Tour Request Form
  1. Book Bundle

    A bundle is a variety of 5 books that fit within a certain children's book category, (picture books, easy readers, etc.) Simply fill... More…

  2. Ebook Support

    A help form to help the librarians provide more timely support to our patrons using our digital library.

  3. Next Reads

    Get suggestions for your next good book or have a librarian pull a bundle of items.

  4. Purchase Suggestion Form

    We welcome patron suggestions for library purchases and will evaluate your request in accordance with the Library's selection policy.

  5. StoryWalk Comments

    StoryWalk Comments