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Tool Trailer Lending Agreement

  1. Tool Trailer Lending Agreement

  2. The Community Services/Keep Allen Beautiful (KAB) Tool Trailer is stocked with a variety of tools available for beautification, community improvement, and cleanup projects.

    Please place your request for the trailer and tools at least two weeks in advance. The Tool Trailer is checked out on a first come, first served basis. Please fill out this form indicating supplies, project, contact information, pick up & return dates. Filling out this form means acceptance of terms, conditions, & liabilities.

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  4. LOAN AGREEMENT: Borrower agrees:
    • To use tools for the purpose of a community-driven beautification, improvement and/or maintenance projects.
    • To be responsible for any missing or damaged tools (other than normal wear and tear).
    • To return all supplies, lock up, and secure the Tool Trailer.
    I, the below named Borrower, agree to borrow the tools and/or Tool Trailer for the purpose of a community-driven beautification, improvement, and/or maintenance project. I understand that I must pick up and return the tools to the Tool Trailer at the conclusion of the project then properly lock up and secure the trailer. I accept responsibility as the named BORROWER for any missing or damaged tools (other than normal wear and tear) and may be charged as such. I understand that failing to follow the terms of this agreement will make my group and I ineligible for future borrowing privileges.
  6. LIABILITY AGREEMENT: I acknowledge that the nature of the project I am engaged in may be considered dangerous and may cause injury or death. I hereby accept responsibility and all liability for the use of Keep Allen Beautiful’s Tool Trailer. I release Keep Allen Beautiful, the City of Allen, its governing board, employees, and representatives from any and all liability. I acknowledge that my group and I are solely responsible for the care and safety of all volunteers and participants working on the project.
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