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Right to Request Disclosure


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    1. Notice of Customer's Right to Request Disclosure

      Pursuant to section 182.052 of the Texas Utilities Code and section 552.1331 of the Texas Government Code, with certain exceptions the City of Allen may not disclose personal information in a customer’s utility account record, or any information relating to the volume or units of utility usage or the amounts billed to or collected from the individual for utility usage, unless the customer requests that the City disclose the information. 

      In order to request disclosure of any such information or to rescind a previous disclosure authorization, an authorized account holder must complete and submit the form below.

    2. I want to:*
    3. Identification Requirement*

      To prevent someone from requesting disclosures without customers' consent, we require customers to provide proof of identity to the Utility Billing customer service windows at Allen City Hall (305 Century Parkway) during regular business hours. Until proof of identity is provided, your request for disclosure will be pending and information will not be released.