Why is Allen Fire Department not using the County's wait list to administer vaccines?

Allen Fire Department established its notification list and process prior to the launch of the Collin County portal, and hoped to maintain the integrity of that list of subscribers and honor the process originally established (to serve as notification of vaccine availability with access to online appointments), as they believed it would be the fastest way to begin administering the vaccine. 

As the primary goal is to distribute vaccines as quickly as possible, by using a “first-come, first served” appointment process, we are able to start scheduling and administering shots within hours of receiving vaccine deliveries. This allows us to devote our resources to giving vaccines rather than needing dedicated staff to schedule thousands of individual appointments moving down a priority list if someone doesn’t reply in a timely manner. 

By prioritizing speed, we are able to ultimately provide greater protection to all residents by improving community immunity for all, whether you have received your shot yet or not. Using all shots quickly also helps us justify requests for larger and more frequent vaccine allotments when requesting new doses from state distributors, leading to greater availability in our region.

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1. Why is Allen Fire Department not using the County's wait list to administer vaccines?
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