How do I make a vaccine appointment through Allen Fire Department?

Allen Fire Department will end operations of its COVID-19 vaccine distribution hub by May 7 after vaccinating approximately 50,000 people and administering 100,000 shots. Though Allen Fire Department will not offer additional first-shot vaccine appointments, Collin County has numerous vaccine hubs and other providers offering vaccinations by appointment only. Increasingly, vaccines are also available at local pharmacies, hospitals, and county health departments. View list of local distribution sites.

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1. Where can I get a COVID-19 vaccine?
2. Who qualifies to get a vaccine?
3. What information is available about COVID-19 vaccines?
4. Do I have to get my vaccination in the city or county where I live?
5. How soon can I receive my second shot?
6. How many vaccines has AFD distributed so far?
7. How do I make a vaccine appointment through Allen Fire Department?
8. If I received my first shot from AFD, what is the process for receiving the second dose?
9. I just received an appointment alert. Why am I having trouble getting an appointment?
10. Why require a reservation/ticket?
11. What should I expect on the day of my appointment?
12. I received my first vaccination at a different location. Can I receive my second dose from Allen Fire Department?