If I received my first shot from AFD, what is the process for receiving the second dose?

We will contact you via email, text or phone call to remind you to schedule your second shot. If you have received your first shot from Allen Fire Department, do not unsubscribe from our email appointment alerts until receiving your second shot or scheduling it elsewhere. If you have already unsubscribed, please return to this page to sign up again. If you are due for your second shot within 3 days and have not yet heard from us, please contact our COVID-19 Helpline at 214.509.4333 or email helpline@cityofallen.org

We are committed to prioritizing second shots for everyone who received their first shot from us. (In other words, you won’t have to compete with those seeking first shots while scheduling your second appointment.) However, vaccine distribution is sometimes unpredictable and may be subject to manufacturing or delivery delays. If those occur, we’ll tell you as soon as possible. You may schedule your second shot with a different provider if preferred.

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