How do smart meters work?

Smart water meters digitally measure and record the amount of water that passes from City of Allen water supply lines to individual customer water lines. Smart meters send a brief, encrypted, digital reading to a data collection unit three times each day. The data collection unit then sends an encrypted digital message to the City's secure data servers using the existing cellular network. Digital meter readings are then processed within the City's billing system and published on a secure customer dashboard so customers can view an hourly log of water use, along with historic water use data.

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1. How do smart meters work?
2. Who can see the details of my water use?
3. How does the meter sense for leaks?
4. Am I charged extra for the smart meter?
5. Can the City of Allen use water meter data to enforce watering restrictions or issue citations?
6. Do smart meters measure both water and wastewater use?
7. Do smart water meters emit radio frequencies? If so, what is the impact?
8. With a smart meter, am I able to turn off my water at the main valve?
9. Why did I receive a leak alert?