Who can use the Recreation Enrichment Vehicle (REV)?

Allen Parks and Recreation's REV program serves needs-based demographics in Allen through use of pop-up events and special programs. The REV serves but is not limited to the following demographics and programs:

  • Areas with limited access to recreational facilities
  • Disaster relief and community outreach
  • Low-income households
  • Minority demographics
  • Special Needs and Adaptive Programs (SNAP)
  • Pop-up special events

The REV works with a variety of groups and organizations to provide recreation programs and activities. Please contact The Edge if you're interested in booking dates for a pop-up program or activity.

The REV often travels in tandem with the Let’s Party! Neighborhood Block Party Trailer coordinated by the Community Enhancement Department. The REV is not available for public use; however, the Block Party Trailer can be reserved by neighborhood groups participating in the City's Neighborhood Partnership Program.

Lets Play REV van design

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1. Who can use the Recreation Enrichment Vehicle (REV)?
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