Yard Waste Collection

Bagged grass clippings, bagged leaves and small bundles of sticks/brush are collected weekly on your assigned trash collection day. Monthly collection is available for up to three cubic yards of tree limbs, branches and other large loose brush.
  1. Weekly Yard Waste Collection
  2. Monthly Loose Brush Collection

Yard waste is collected weekly on the same day your trash collection. Up to 7 bundles and 15 bags of yard waste will be collected each week. Items must be placed at your trash collection point by 7 a.m., at least two feet away from trash and recycling carts.

Accepted items

  • Sticks and brush trimmings in 4' x 2' bundles with biodegradable cotton/jute rope, twine, or string, weighing less than 40 pounds.  Do not bundle tree and brush trimmings with nylon rope, plastic, metal, garden hoses, or other non-compostable materials.
  • Leaves, grass clippings and plant materials placed in biodegradable paper lawn bags. Plastic bags will not be collected!
  • Natural Christmas trees cut in four foot sections.

Not accepted

  • Dirt, gravel, concrete, rock, sod and other construction/landscaping materials.
  • Flocked or artificial Christmas trees.

Other Disposal Options

Do-it-Yourself Disposal

If you have larger amounts of loose brush or don't want to wait for your assigned collection day, see do-it-yourself disposal options.

Special Collection

For an additional fee, CWD offers special collection for larger amounts of loose brush. Call 972.392.9300 (option 2) to request a quote.