About City Council

The City of Allen operates under a council-manager form of government as approved by voters in 1979 through the adoption of the  Allen City Charter. The Home Rule Charter for the City of Allen provides that the Allen City Council shall consist of the mayor and six council members  elected by numbered places and are elected at-large by the registered voters of Allen to serve three-year, staggered terms of office.  Each member of the Allen City Council serves citywide. 

Stephen Terrell

Term: 2017-2020
Ph: 214.509.4120
sterrell@cityofallen.org | Bio

Letters, Proclamations, Events

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Message Council

To send a message to Mayor
and all Councilmembers, 
Email: Council@CityofAllen.org

Kurt Kizer

Councilmember, Place No. 1
Term: 2018-2021
Ph: 214.509.4121
kkizer@cityofallen.org | Bio

Carl Clemencich

Councilmember, Place No. 2
Term: 2017-2020
Ph: 214.509.4122
cclemencich@cityofallen.org | Bio

Lauren Doherty

Councilmember, Place No. 3
Term: 2018-2021
Ph: 214.509.4123
ldoherty@cityofallen.org | Bio

Chris Schulmeister

Councilmember, Place No. 4
Term: 2019-2022
Ph: 214.509.4124
cschulmeister@cityofallen.org | Bio

Gary L. Caplinger

Mayor Pro Tem, Place No. 5
Term: 2018-2021
Ph. 214. 509.4125
gcaplinger@cityofallen.org | Bio

Baine Brooks

Councilmember, Place No. 6
Term: 2019-2022
Ph. 214.509.4126
bbrooks@cityofallen.org | Bio

Council Qualifications

According to the City of Allen Charter Article II, Section 2.02, a City Council candidate must: 

  • Be a qualified voter of the City of Allen for at least six (6) months at the time of filing;
  • Be a resident of the City of Allen for at least one year immediately preceding their election; and,
  • Hold no other elected office or appointed public office or position of emolument, except as authorized by state law.
Excerpt from The Charter of the City of Allen, Texas, Article II. The City Council