Boards & Commissions

Purpose and Terms

City of Allen boards, commissions and committees advise the City Council on a variety of issues. The majority of appointments are for two-year terms with no term limits, although a few have three-year commitments. Terms are staggered, with half of the membership appointed each year. Terms follow the City's fiscal period and begin October 1.

How to Apply

Application forms for all boards, commissions, and committees can be obtained from the City Secretary's Office, third floor of Allen City Hall, 305 Century Parkway. The application is also available online, to print, complete and return to the City Secretary's Office. Citizens are encouraged to attend at least one meeting of the board of interest prior to application.  The deadline for submitting an application for the Annual Appointment Process is August 9, 2017.


All qualified voters with one year of residency in the City of Allen are eligible to apply for positions with any of the council-appointed boards.

Qualifications for the Economic Development Board also extend to non-resident applicants who have been employed in a management position for at least one year with a business or company located in Allen. A person appointed to the EDC Board who does not meet the residency requirement must be continuously employed in a management position by an Allen based company during the full term in office. (Ordinance No. 2155-4-03, Sec 2-231. Qualifications)

Appointment Process

All applications received, including those from incumbents, will be reviewed and considered for interview. Interviews are typically held in late August and early September. Appointments are made in September and are effective October 1.

37 appointments will be made this year including known vacancies on the following boards:
1 - Community Development Corporation
1 - CVB Advisory Board
3 - Keep Allen Beautiful Board
1 - Library Board
1 - Parks and Recreation Board
2- Planning and Zoning Commission
1 - Public Art Committee

All appointees must attend a mandatory orientation conducted by the City Secretary and City Attorney on Thursday, September 28, 2017. 

Code of Conduct

Board members are considered to be "officers" of the City and, as such, are governed by several ordinances including the Code of Conduct Ordinance and financial disclosure provisions. Conduct must avoid both actual and potential conflicts between private self-interest and the public trust.

Meeting Attendance

Board members who miss three (3) consecutive meetings or 1/3 of the regularly scheduled meetings in a 12-month period of time will have their appointments automatically terminated.

Meeting and Member Information

Access the board, commission or committee link below for meeting information, membership rosters, and meeting agendas. See the Code of Ordinances, Article IX - Boards and Commissions, for all applicable information.