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In Allen Fire Department, everyday tasks take on new meaning as we save lives and serve others. Our employees describe this feeling as “satisfaction” and “accomplishment.” It’s what drives us to do more than is required, knowing our efforts make our community and world a better place.

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VIDEO: Inside the Allen Fire Department

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Firefighter saws into the roof of a crashed car

Everything you need to succeed

There’s no getting around it: firefighting is risky business. That’s why we equip our employees with the best tools and training, including national conferences, specialty rescue classes and live fire exercises.

Allen firefighters enjoy top-of-the-line gear, including integrated thermal imaging equipment in every mask. Our fleet of vehicles is best in class and all five of our stations are beautifully updated and well-maintained.

Five firefighters stand outside rescue equipment on scene of a car accident

Be part of the family

When you join Allen Fire Department, you're not just starting a new job. You’re entering a family. We share meals, solve problems, make sacrifices and celebrate victories together. We nurture this camaraderie through award ceremonies, service initiatives, holiday meals and other special events.

We also look for ways to help firefighters connect their work and home lives, from hosting family-friendly department activities to encouraging station visits from spouses and kids.