Land Development

The Land Development Division oversees the design and construction of land development within the City of Allen. Under the direction of an engineering development manager, construction inspectors work with project contractors on a continuous basis to ensure that quality standards are met for all infrastructure development. For information on development questions, please call us at 214.509.4576.

  1. FEES
  2. FORMS /  Permits
  3. Design Standards
  4. Construction Details

Checklists & Construction Plan Requirements




Record Drawings

Engineering Record Drawings are located in the Engineering Department on the First Floor at City Hall (305 Century Parkway). Appointments are not necessary, but appreciated to ensure prompt service. To set up an appointment, please contact the Engineering Department at 214.509.4582 or email Mr. Angie Suyo.

Copies of plans may be purchased at $4 per sheet. Many plans are available in electronic format.