Utility Billing

The City of Allen provides water, sewer, drainage, trash and recycling services to Allen residents and businesses. Utility Billing, a division of the Community Services Department, is responsible for customer services related to these utilities. This includes initiating and terminating services and all billing and collection services. Customers are billed on a monthly basis.

Senior Discount Available for Residential Trash Service

The City of Allen offers a 20% discount for residential trash services for customers who are 65 years of age or older. Learn more.
  1. tree branch

    Storm Debris Disposal Reminder

    If you’ve hired a contractor to help with storm cleanup, make sure you know who’s responsible for handling debris disposal. Read on...
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    Water Rate Changes Take Effect Nov. 1

    The City of Allen is adjusting water and sewer rates to cover increased costs. Read on...
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    Storm Drains are for Rain!

    Anything you put in a storm drain goes directly into local waterways. Prevent pollution with these tips. Read on...
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    Recycle Your Styrofoam!

    Did you know Allen residents can take advantage of nearby collection points for Styrofoam products not accepted in curbside recycling? Read on...
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