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This page is intended to provide information to homeowners and contractors to clarify submittal requirements for various permit types. Please review our Guide to Permit Forms, this list is not all-inclusive; questions concerning your specific project should be forwarded to the Building Inspections Department at 214.509.4130. Protect your property and ensure your contractor has applied for and received a permit before starting work. Inspections are required; instructions to our IVR line will be on the permit. Inspection requests for work done on permitted projects should be requested by the general contractor. The City of Allen uses an interactive voice response (IVR) system to schedule inspections.

The IVR Brochure will guide you through the process and provide codes for all inspection types.  When you are ready to request your inspection, be sure to have a copy of your permit readily available.  The final page(s) of your permit will list the required inspections for your project, whether it is commercial or residential. For your convenience, the inspection type codes will also be listed. 

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