Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division protects public health by monitoring all food facilities, providing education, and addressing environmental concerns that impact public health such as mosquito control.

Mosquito Control and Prevention

The City of Allen Environmental Health Division implements mosquito control activities year-round, depending on the weather (typically between May and October). In addition to trapping and testing mosquitoes for the West Nile Virus, these activities include identifying locations with stagnant water and treating with larvicides as needed. The Environmental Health Division has also initiated code enforcement cases for stagnant water sources and launched ongoing education efforts.

Approved Food Safety Training
Required for all restaurants, child care and other specified facilities. Please contact us if you are not aware of your training requirements.

Health Contact Information

The City of Allen does not offer medical or immunization services. Please contact your personal physician or your local county health department for assistance concerning those issues.

Foster Care Homes

All foster care homes shall contact their case worker for inspections of foster homes and adoptive care situations.