Allen Civic Auditorium

Allen Civic Auditorium seats 287 and features a stage with various curtain backdrops, professional audio/visual equipment, and theatrical lighting.  View a seating chart or take a virtual tour

The Allen Civic Auditorium may not be rented more than 90 days out.  

For rental information or pricing, please complete our request for information form. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.


Stage Dimensions

The Civic Auditorium stage is 42' wide and up to 24' deep.  There are three traveler curtains: downstage, mid-stage, and upstage, with an upstage cyclorama.  There are two sets of legs on each side.  There is cross space via a backstage hallway and men's and women's dressing rooms with bathroom facilities (no showers).

Stage Equipment

  • 8 Section Acoustic Shell
  • Backstage Communication System
  • Chairs
  • Lectern/Podium

Hanging scenery or backdrops is not permitted.  Additionally, there are no risers or platforms available.

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  • Sony HD Video Projector
  • 12' x 16' Screen - mid-stage
  • Blu-Ray / DVD Player


The auditorium uses a standard light plot on three mechanical trusses with an assortment of warm and cool washes with 4-5 color sets available. The lighting plot does not change from show to show.

  • ETC Ion XE Lighting Console
  • ETC Source Four ellipsoidals
  • Philips Showline LED Color Bars
  • Five 10 ft. Vertical Light Booms (Trees)
  • Altman LED PAR Color Washes


  • 6-speaker EAW Theatre Sound System flown above the proscenium arch
  • PreSonus Studiolive 24-channel digital sound mixer
  • Total of nine XLR inputs into the sound system on the stage apron via three floor pockets located stage left, center stage, and stage right.  We have seven stage monitors with four monitor mixes to the stage, a 16-Channel Snake, and an 8-Channel patch bay in the stage right wing.
  • Denon CD player or Auxiliary Line into our sound console
  • Multiple Floor monitors/wedges with up to four separate mixes
  • Microphone inventory - Note: You may bring your own mics:
    • Eight Shure SM58
    • Eight Shure SM57
    • Two Shure SM81
    • Four AKG D-3800
    • One Audio-Technica AT4033a
    • Four Shure Wireless handhelds
    • Two Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphones
    • Multiple DI Boxes
    • Standard size mic stands with boom arms
    • Short mic stands with boom arms