Allen Downtown Revitalization

Allen’s Downtown Steering Committee, led by resident volunteers, was formed in June 2021 to develop a vision to revitalize downtown. 

The group completed its work in July 2022 and presented a vision and work plan to City Council. The Downtown Allen Revitalization Plan is the result of nearly a year of community input through workshops, events, surveys and meetings. It provides a vision, goals and an implementation plan to revitalize Allen’s downtown and turn it into the vibrant heart of the city.

What’s next?

The City of Allen Community Development Department is currently working with a consultant to propose changes to the Allen Land Development Code. These formal standards will help align future development with the community’s vision for Downtown Allen. In addition, City Council has provided direction to consider modifying the current composition and duties of the Central Business District Design Review Committee, which currently reviews construction and design plans within Downtown Allen.

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Exterior photo of a historic preserved home in Downtown Allen

Receiving Statewide Recognition

In November 2022, The Texas Downtown Association recognized the City of Allen for its unique approach to downtown revitalization, naming the Downtown Allen Steering Committee as a finalist for its 2022 Resiliency Award.

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