Allen Downtown Steering Committee

The Downtown Steering Committee was appointed by Mayor Ken Fulk and Allen City Council to develop a vision and plan to revitalize the heart of Allen. The work plan will include research, community feedback and team collaboration to create a workable vision for downtown that can be implemented. If you have questions or comments for the committee, please submit a contact request form.

The Downtown Steering Committee includes five subcommittee teams comprised of existing Downtown Steering Committee members.

Meetings and agendas

The Downtown Steering Committee and subcommittees kicked off their work on June 30 with a proposed timeline of 12-15 months to complete recommendations to present to Council.

The committee and subcommittees will meet regularly at various times, days and locations over the course of the year. Meeting notices are posted 72 hours prior to each meeting on the City meeting notice calendar.

Updates on downtown planning

Follow the progress of planning for downtown Allen on the Downtown Planning Projects page.

Contact Community Development Director Marc Kurbansade at 214.509.4162 for more information.


Name Subcommittee
Tommy Baril (Chair) Finance and Economic Development
Murry McKenzie (Vice Chair) Community Outreach Practices
Bob Acker Ownership and Zoning
Austin Bassil Learning from Other Communities
Doug Galletti Learning from Other Communities
Ted Gould Ownership and Zoning
Stacey Greer Finance and Economic Development
Marcelle Jones Ownership and Zoning
Alyssa Schnick Community Outreach Practices
Janet Sherlip Finance and Economic Development
Ana Sutter Community Use
Mary Vail-Grube Learning from Other Communities
Gregg Watling Community Use
Chris Schulmeister Ex-Officio Member
Dave Cornette Ex-Officio Member

Subcommittee Information

Links to minutes, reports and presentations will be made available below as subcommittee work gets underway. 

Ownership and Zoning

Team charge: Identify existing boundaries of Allen's original downtown area, historical districts and overall Central Business District. Document all zoning, preservation and development standards for these areas as well as identify and review existing infrastructure (roads, utilities, parking, etc.).

Finance and Economic Development

Team charge: Analyze downtown Allen's current economic impact. Identify financial resources and/or incentives (e.g. grants, downtown designations, existing funds) to encourage downtown development or which can be used to develop public amenities in the old downtown area.

Community Use

Team charge: Identify all existing community activities that occur in the downtown area. Develop a list of potential future community activities that could be organized and available to the public within the next two years (and identify groups who would host those activities).

Learning from Other Communities

Team charge: Visit nearby redeveloped downtown areas of similar size to determine what is desired and manageable for Allen's downtown. Identify community activities occurring in those downtowns (i.e. McKinney's Oktoberfest). Research may include cities outside North Texas.

Community Outreach Practices

Team charge: Develop procedures and processes for the direction, timing and tasks of community outreach as part of Phase Two, which includes working with City management to select a consultant to assist with the outreach process to include residents, business owners, landowners and developers.