Reference Services

The 2nd floor of the Allen Public Library houses both the adult fiction and non-fiction book collections as well as Spanish language materials, Graphic Novels and Large Print.  We also have a quiet lounge for quiet study, four study rooms for individual or group study and 12 internet computers for our adult patrons.  Wi-fi and wi-fi printing are also available for use.  Questions?  Please call the Reference Desk at 214.509.4905.

Study Rooms
Wi-Fi & Wi -Fi Printing
Other Services
Internet Use

**The Group Study Rooms will be unavailable until further notice.**

Group Study Rooms

The Library has four study rooms that are available for use free of charge.  Study Room usage is intended for study, reading, tutoring or related activities that will not disturb others.  Please call the Reference Desk at 214.509.4905 with any questions or to make a reservation.

***Starting January 1, 2020, we will check out a room key to your Library account.  We will no longer keep your library card or driver license while you are in the room.  If you do not return the key, there will be a *$25 replacement block on your account until you return it.  *If you ignore overdue notices, your account will be sent to Collections.***

Study Room Policy

  •  Our study rooms are in high demand!  You may use a study room for a maximum of 3 hours a day, whether alone or as part of a group.  Rooms may be reserved for 30-minute increments only, for up to 3 hours*.  That is, all reservations must be scheduled to start on the hour or half-hour.  We reserve the right to reassign rooms prior to check in but will not change your reservation time.  *Due to high demand, it is possible we may not have 3 hours available for your reservation.  
  • Fire code restricts how many people may occupy each room (all rooms have whiteboards): 
    • A - 2 people
    • B - 4 people
    • C - 6 people
    • D - 4 people
  • At least one person in the study room must be 16 or older and own a valid Allen Library card.  We check out a key to this person's Library account.
  • Make room reservations up to 1 day in advance in person or by calling 214.509.4905 during business hours.
  • You may use a study room to study, read, tutor, or do other activities that will not disturb other patrons or staff (the walls are not soundproof).
  • Study room activities will not be advertised in Library publicity.
  • We only only a room for 15 minutes.  After that we will cancel the reservation and make the room available to others. 
  • No food is allowed, but you may have water bottles/beverages with lids.
  • At the end of your study period please:
    • clean the whiteboard
    • discard your trash
    • lock and close the study room door
  • Please leave the study room & return the key promptly at the end of your reservation time and 30 minutes before the Library closes.
  • If you leave something in a study room, will will take it to the Check Out Desk where it will be kept in our Lost and Found.
  • If you violate this policy you may be asked to leave the study room or be suspended permanently from study room used, depending on staff discretion.

Printable version of the Study Room Policy

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Printing


The Allen Public Library has free Wi-Fi available during the following hours:

Monday - Thursday9:30 a.m. - 8:50 p.m.
Friday - Saturday9:30 a.m. - 5:50 p.m.
Sunday12:30 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Wi-Fi work everywhere in the Library?
    • Wi-Fi should work throughout the building, but there may be some dead spots where the connection is less reliable.  If you find one, please try a different location in the Library.  Electrical outlets may not always be available.
  • Should I be concerned about security when using Wi-Fi?
    • Public Wi-Fi networks are by nature not secure.
      • Disable file and print sharing
      • Maintain up-to-date anti-virus protection
    • Any information you transmit online could be intercepted by another person.
    • The Library is not responsible for any information that is compromised, hacked or stolen, or any damage caused to your hardware or software while connected to the wireless network.
  • Is there anything else I should know?

The City of Allen does not endorse or regulate online material in any manner, and is not responsible for any material viewed.

Wi-Fi Printing

Print wirelessly from your personal device, no library card needed.  Questions?  Call 214.509.4905.

Printing is $.15 per page for black and white and $.50 per page for color.  If you have a library card, you have the option of putting a small amount (up to $5.00) to use for printing, or you may use cash.  Without a library card, printing is cash only.

The maximum print job size is 5 MB.

  1. Print by Email
  2. Print from the PrinterOn Web Portal
  3. Print from the PrinterOn App

Note:  Please wait until your receive the confirmation email before going to the printer.  If you are sending an attachment to be printed, there will be more than one document waiting for you.  One is the email.  Any remaining documents are the attachments.

Other Services

Internet Computers

The Library has 12 Internet computers available for use for our patrons who are ages 18 and older.  For patrons who do not have a library card, please stop by the Reference Desk with your valid government-issued photo I.D. to have a guest pass issued.

Mobile Charging Kit

We have a charging kit available for in-house use for up to 3 hours with a valid Allen Public Library card.  The kit has a Micro USB to USB cable (for Android, Windows, HTC, LG, Nexus, etc. devices, a Lightening to USB cable (for Apple devices) and a Type C to USB cable (for other Android devices such as Samsung).  The charger kit works with phones and tablets only.  To check out the kit, ask at the Reference Desk.


The Library offers both black and white and color printing.  Black and white copies are available for $.15 per page.  Color copies are available for $.50 per page.  Color copies can be retrieved from the 2nd floor public printer only.

Payment options if printing using a library card:

  • cash ($10 bills or smaller)
  • credit or debit card (there is a minimum of $5.00 for this option)
  • use your library card account (add funds with cash or a credit or debit card).

Payment option if printing using a guest pass is cash only.


A scanner is available for use free of charge .  Please bring a flash (USB) drive to scan your documents to.  We also have flash drives available for in-house use.

Internet Use Policy

The Allen Public Library provides its patrons with Internet access as an important part of its mission to serve the educational, cultural, informational and recreational needs of Allen's diverse community.

  1. Accessibility and Responsibility
  2. Privacy and Confidentiality
  3. Acceptable Use
  4. Access to Computers without a Library Card

To use the public Internet computers, a patron must have an Allen Public Library card, and the account must be in good standing (outstanding fines of less than $10).  Patrons who are ages 5-17 must have parent/guardian permission for Internet use on their (minors') Library accounts.  Patrons may only use their own Library card to access the computers.  Use of another patron's account may result in the account's suspension.

Allen Public Library provides computers with Internet access in the adult, teen and children's areas of the Library, and supports the right and responsibility of its patrons to direct their own and their children's Internet usage.  The Library recognizes that the Internet is open to a diverse population of users and is not subject to any regulation or control of its content.  Some Internet sites may display material that is offensive, disturbing and/or illegal.  Library staff cannot act in the place of parents in supervising children's use of the Internet or take responsibility for the material they may encounter.

Balancing these rights and concerns, Allen Public Library provides filtered access to the Internet on the Children's and Teen'scape computers and offers parents the option of approving unfiltered Internet access for older children or of sitting with the child during Internet sessions.

The Library encourages parents and guardians to work closely with their children in selecting materials consistent with personal and family values, and in learning to evaluate Internet resources for their currency, accuracy and reliability.

Due to the public nature of our computers, the Library cannot guarantee access to all websites or networks.  

  • Children younger than age 5 are not eligible for a Library card, but an accompanying adult 18 or older my use his or her Library card to log in to the Children's computers.  Children under age 9 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver 16 or older at all times, including during their computer sessions.
  • Children ages 5-11 are eligible for their own Library card with which they can access the filtered Children's Internet computers if their parent/legal guardian has given permission in person on the minor's Library card application.  Children under age 9 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver 16 or older at all times, including during their computer sessions.
  • Children ages 11-12 are eligible for their own Library card with which they can access both the filtered Children's and Teen'scape Internet computers if their parent/legal guardian has given permission in person on the minor's Library card application.
  • Teens ages 13-17 may use either the filtered Teen'scape Internet computers or the unfiltered Internet computers in the Adult area without the presence of a parent/legal guardian but only if their parent/legal guardian has given permission in person on the minor's Library card application.
  • Adults age 18 or older may use the unfiltered Internet computers in the Adult area or the filtered children's computers.  Adults are not permitted to use Internet computers in Teen'scape.