Spirit Park

Allen was awarded a grant for a 75-acre community park with 25 acres being kept natural, which was named Spirit Park. This new park will has a lighted softball complex, playground area called "The Hideout," pollinator garden, 25 acres of natural wooded area, trail loop and more!

For more information, please see Spirit Park's original master plan, which was completed in 2013 (the Phase 1 improvements were built in 2018).
Watters Branch Community Park Master Plan

Recycling Grant

A $29,385 grant has been awarded from the North Central Texas Council of Governments through funding from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a recycling program in the park.

The recycling program includes purchase and installation of recycling receptacles and construction of a shared-use container enclosure as the park is constructed. Twenty-six blue recycling receptacles will be placed alongside each of the trash receptacles in the park’s new softball complex, playground area and along the pedestrian trails.

Goals of this park recycling program include the diversion of 20% of trash generated in the park from the local landfill to the recycling stream. By constructing the trash and recycling container enclosure with lockable doors, Allen Parks and Recreation will also be able to prevent the potential for any illegal dumping within the container enclosure.

Design of a shared-use container enclosure has been included in the overall design of the park to allow for storage of multiple commercial containers and begin the recycling program. The enclosure will hold both trash and single-stream recycling containers. Implementation of this recycling program will allow for diversion of water/soda bottles and aluminum cans to the recycling stream instead of the local landfill.