Volleyball Leagues 

Leagues Offered: Co-Rec AA, Co-Rec A, Co-Rec BB, Co-Rec B, Co-Rec C, Reverse Co-Rec and Women's
League Nights: Co-Rec (Mondays and Thursdays), and Reverse Co-Rec and Women's (Wednesdays)
Summer 2019
Registration Opens: March 25 (early); April 2 (regular); April 16 (late)
Registration Fee: $210/$375 (early); $220/$385 (regular); $235/$400 (late)
Last Day of Standard Registration: April 22
Season: May 13 - July 15 (Monday Co-Rec); May 15 - July 17 (Wednesday Reverse Co-Rec and Women's); May 16 - July 18 (Thursday Co-Rec)
For more information and rules, please visit Team Sideline.