1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000booksbannerGive your child the tools to become a reader! 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is a program that encourages children and caregivers to read books together.

Who can participate in this program?
Any child from birth until he or she enters kindergarten can sign up at the Children’s Desk!

How long will the program take?
This self-paced program may take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Keep track of your reading to earn prizes!
When your child reaches 100 books, bring in the completed reading log, and get a sticker. Along the reading journey, your child will earn other fun prizes. Upon finishing 1,000 books your child will be recognized for his or her achievement.

How to Begin:
Participants can sign up online or in the Children's Area at the Allen Public Library.  You will be given a program brochure with instructions and an area to keep track of your first hundred books.  As you read with your child, color a book inside the brochure for each book read, including those shared by caregivers, siblings, teachers and librarians. You can read any books you want in any language - it doesn't have to be from our library!  And remember, repetition is great for growing minds, so feel free to read the same book more than once - each time you read counts!

What happens after I finish a reading log?
Each separate reading log tracks 100 books.  Once you read 100 books, you will come back to the library to turn in your reading log, receive a sticker or prize, and get the log for the next 100 books. You will keep doing this until you finish 1,000 books.  Once you finish your 1,000 books, bring your final log back to the library to receive your special prize!

Can I really read 1,000 books before Kindergarten?
Yes, it's easy! If you read 3 books each day for a year, that's 1,095 books.  Or you could read 1 book a day for 3 years and still reach 1,095 books.  

What if I still have questions?
Feel free to visit us or call Youth Services during open library hours at 214-509-4906.