Please refer to the Center-Link newsletter for dates and times for Allen Senior Recreation Center programs.

Fitness Room

The fitness center is open to all members. Equipment includes three treadmills, three bikes, two elliptical machines and a weight machine. Proper shoes required.

Fitness Orientation

Join Dr. Troy Allam from Craig Ranch Chiropractic for an orientation on the ASRC fitness equipment. Plus, learn safety, exercise and health tips. This is recommended for members new to our fitness room. Refer to the monthly newsletter for dates and times.

Personal Training

The cost is $50 for 50 minutes for one person OR bring a friend and train for only $30 each (membership required). Kerry Stallo is available for your personal training needs at the ASRC. For more information, call 214.509.4820.

Beginner Line Dance

This is a line dance class for Beginners only. It is important to attend this class on the first night, to receive the complete instructions to perform the proper movements. If registered students do not attend by the second week, the student will be dropped and will have to wait until the next session to begin. The class fills quickly, so register early. Come with or without a partner to enjoy a variety of dance music such as Ballroom, Latin, Country Western and Golden Oldies.

Line Dance Mixer

Are you looking for a place to line dance with non-stop music? Each month, dance to beginner and intermediate routines with other line dance lovers! Members must register by the day before the dance.

Silver Sneakers Classics®

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a Silver Sneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support. 

Silver Sneakers Members: Free
Non-Silver Sneakers Members: $16.25/5 classes

Chair Volleyball

More fun than you can possibly stand — while seated! Come enjoy this fun-filled game played with a beach ball. Chair Volleyball is great for upper body mobility and joint flexibility. It enhances muscle tone, reflexes, hand-to-eye coordination, and endurance. The game is played with a beach ball and a five-foot high net. Rules are similar to regular volleyball except ‘cheeks on the chair!'

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a mind-body practice that originated in China. This class includes both Tai Chi and Qigong. The slow gentle movements are ideal for seniors. These low-impact exercises calm the mind and improve overall wellness, balance, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility." (Fee)


Restore balance, develop core strength and build lean muscle while minimizing injuries through a progressive instruction method and full-body workout with balance postures, chairs, mats, hand weights, resistance bands and stability balls. Bring a yoga mat. All levels will benefit. (Fee)


Develop strong core muscles, restore balance, and promote lean muscle building while minimizing injuries through a progressive instruction method. Chairs, mats, hand weights, resistance bands and stability balls will be used during class. Bring a yoga or exercise mat to class. All levels will benefit. (Fee)

Arthritis: Get Movin!

A low-to-moderate intensity fitness class, improving strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. This class will benefit those experiencing arthritis, chronic joint/muscle pain, limited or painful movement and will work on improving abilities to do daily tasks and generally feeling more energized. (Free)


Vinyasa or Flow yoga is a form of moving meditation. This practice helps to decrease the ongoing chatter in the mind while promoting a calm, peaceful state. Flow yoga links breath with the movements or asana and helps increase wellness. In Vinyasa, the movement between positions is as important as the poses themselves. All levels are welcome and modifications are shown to meet different abilities. Bring a yoga mat. *Mondays are intermediate level classes, and Wednesdays and Fridays are beginner level classes. (Must purchase punch cards at the front desk. Cards expire after six months.)

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga practiced sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. The poses, or Asanas, are adaptations of Hatha yoga poses seated. You will learn breathing cycles of deeply inhaling and slowly exhaling as you move through the poses. The last 5-8 minutes will be guided meditation to relax and sooth the mind and body.


Instead of monthly registrations, each of the classes below has its own punch card.  Twelve (12) punches to use whenever you want.  Never pay for another missed class again! Stop by the ASRC front desk to purchase and give the card to your instructor before each class you choose to attend.  Cards expire after six months and lost cards will not be replaced.

Intermediate Line Dance 

Learn new dances on Tuesday and practice them on Thursdays. Intermediate to Advanced line dance instructions taught to music from Country and Western, Blues, Jazz, Salsa, as well as Hip Hop. 


This class is a mind-body exercise, which will promote good posture, increase flexibility, improve balance, build core strength and help in creating lean strong muscles, without adding bulk. (Must purchase punch cards at the front desk. Cards expire after six months.)


Zumba incorporates high energy Latin and International music with unique dance moves and combinations.  The routines feature aerobic and fitness interval training with fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is a fun fitness program based on Latin and International dance styles.  It’s a modified Zumba class with lower-intensity, easy-to-follow choreography focusing on balance, range of motion and coordination.  Move to the beat or modify your workout with the use of a chair.  Experience with dance is not required.