Communication and Engagement Initiatives

In 2019, the Public and Media Relations Office asked residents to complete an online survey about communication and engagement patterns. This survey was created to guide current strategy, identify potential initiatives for the 2020-2023 Communication Plan and provide information to help Allen City Council set strategic and financial priorities.

Website and mobile app redesign

More than 40% of respondents identified the City of Allen website as a primary source of City news and events. However, some expressed dissatisfaction with organization of the current site, especially when using a mobile device. Based on responses, a 2020 redesign of the City website and mobile app will put greater focus on the user experience through streamlined content, improved navigation and optimization for mobile users.

Launched September 2020

Launch of new City publication: In Focus

While a large portion of surveyed residents praised the City's digital communication efforts, approximately 35% indicated a need to supplement digital efforts with regular print communication. To address this need, the City is launching a new printed publication called "In Focus." This new publication will be included in utility bills six times per year and three times per year in the LIFE Activity Guide.

First inclusion in utility bill mailing: September 28-Oct 23

First including in LIFE Guide: Winter/Spring 2021

Redesign of City email newsletter: SHAREable

Nearly a third (30%) of respondents said they typically learn about city news and events from a email subscription to City news. However, some expressed frustration with the old newsletter design, which required readers to click links to view important event details such as date and time. As a result, the City newsletter was refreshed with a new layout, allowing for more information to be included in each issue.

Subscribe to the refreshed newsletter: SHAREable.

Launched January 2020

Community Block Party Trailer and Recreation Enrichment Vehicle

When asked about community involvement, 64% of respondents identified “lack of time” as their primary barrier. However, half (50%) of survey respondents said they would get involved in initiatives focused on their neighborhoods. These responses support the purchase and marketing of a new Community Block Party Trailer and Recreation Enrichment Vehicle, which will bring community resources and recreation activities to Allen neighborhoods.

Deployment pending due to COVID-19 operational changes

Improved use of NextDoor

Half of respondents (50%) use NextDoor to receive City communication - more than Facebook (37%) and Twitter (7%) combined. With this in mind, the Public & Media Relations Office is placing a greater emphasis on this communication platform, especially when communicating messages in geographically targeted areas.

Ongoing deployment