Migratory Birds (Egrets / Herons)

Update as of June 5, 2017:  
The Parks and Recreation Department has determined that the threat of nesting by the migratory Cattle Egret at Celebration Park and Stacy Ridge Park is minimal. The use of noisemaking devices has been discontinued. Parks staff will continue to monitor these parks as well as other identified areas of possible nesting sites.

We will this page updated as more information becomes available.

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Protecting Public Parks and Greenbelts

The devastation caused by large nesting sites such as the ones we have experienced in Allen can be tremendous. In 2013-2014, hundreds of homeowners and families were affected, two of our most beautiful parks sustained substantial environmental damage, and thousands of dollars in clean-up costs were incurred. You can learn more about the previous nesting sites by reading the brief history of Cattle Egrets in Allen.

It is important to remember that once a single egg is found in a single nest, these sites become protected under federal law and everyone, City staff and residents, is prohibited from interfering or harassing the birds. The best way to avoid the residential and environmental impact that can occur is to prevent the birds from establishing their nests at all. 

Predicting where migratory birds will ultimately choose to nest is nearly impossible. However, since these birds typically attempt to return to the same site as the previous year, that is where Parks and Recreation staff will focus their surveillance and preventative efforts first. In addition, staff has completed a review of the entire park system in Allen and identified other areas of possible concern. Those areas will also be closely monitored with available staff.