Public Art

Since the creation of Allen's first Art Master Plan in 2005, voters have approved nearly $3 million in funding to commission public art projects. These one-of-a-kind creations enhance community aesthetics and create unique, of our City's civic infrastructure, commissioning site-specific artwork and creating hands-on encounters with art.

Explore Allen's Public Art

  • MAP ART Mobile Guide: Finding Allen's public art has never been easier, thanks to the MAP ART mobile guide! You can launch the Mobile Allen Public Art Review & Tour (MAP ART) on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Colorful markers identify the location of each piece of art. Tap on the markers to pull up a description and photo of each work. The guide is geared toward users with a mobile device. If you prefer to view the tour on a desktop computer, Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers; it is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Public Art Directory: For a more straightforward list of public art, browse the public art directory.

Volunteer with Public Art

The Public Art Committee and artist selection panels help identify projects that align with the Public Art Master Plan.

Public Art Committee

City of Allen boards, commissions and committees advise the City Council on a variety of issues. Appointments are made by the City Council in September. All qualified voters in the City of Allen are eligible to apply for positions with any of the nine council-appointed boards, including the Public Art Committee. Learn more

Artist Selection Panels

For each project identified by the Public Art Committee, a subcommittee is formed to recommend the selection of an artist or artwork. 

Depending on the type of selection process employed, the Artist Selection Panel is responsible for:

  • Reviewing artist qualifications and proposals, and interviewing artists.
  • Reviewing community feedback on proposals (if applicable).
  • Making final recommendations to the Public Art Committee to bring before the City Council.

The Artist Selection Panel will convene for 3-5 meetings facilitated by Public Art Program staff. Meetings typically last around two hours. If you are interested in joining an Artist Selection Panel, complete this interest form or contact Jennifer Robinson at 214.509.4703 or