Public Art

The mission of Allen's Public Art Program is to articulate the values and vision of the community by enhancing the aesthetics of our City's civic infrastructure, commissioning site-specific artwork and creating hands-on encounters with art. 

Funding Allen's Public Art

The Allen City Council approved Allen's first public Art Master Plan in 2005. Since then, Allen voters have approved nearly $3 million in bond funding to commission public art projects, including $1.7 million in 2016. Many projects also involve contributions from the Community Development Corporation. Others are the result of public-private partnerships or by encouraging art in private development. View Allen's public art collection.

Tour Allen's Public Art Collection with MAP ART

Finding Allen's public art has never been easier, thanks to the MAP ART mobile guide! You can launch the Mobile Allen Public Art Review & Tour (MAP ART) on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Colorful markers identify the location of each piece of art. Tap on the markers to pull up a description and photo of each work. The guide is geared toward users with a mobile device. If you prefer to view the tour on a desktop computer, Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers; it is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Recent and Upcoming Projects

75 Feet of Friendship - Windridge Park
It's called '75 Feet of Friendship' and it's the new public art piece that's the latest edition to the renovated Windridge Park. Artist Jondavid De Leon collaborated with students from Allen High School and Boyd Elementary on the design, and spent a few days bringing those ideas to life. Watch the installation process.

Spirit Park Artwork

Bright and whimsical sculptures will help welcome visitors to Spirit Park, a 75-acre park currently under construction at the corner of Ridgeview Drive and Bray Central Drive. Artists from May + Watkins Design will create the freestanding sculptures, benches and bicycle racks modeled after native plants. The $122,743 project will be constructed from public art funds.
Spirit Park Artwork Renderings
Spirit Park Artwork Renderings