Sidewalk Replacement Program

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks. The City of Allen currently offers to share in the cost of repairs, covering up to 50% of the total cost. To see if your sidewalk qualifies for this program, contact Community Services at 214.509.4500 or submit the Sidewalk Repair Form. (See current sidewalk fees.)
The City coordinates and inspects all repair work. Repairs may be performed by city workers or by a contractor. The property owner must pay their total share of costs before work begins. Work will be scheduled and completed as quickly as possible.

Criteria for Sidewalk Replacement
  • Sidewalk is located within the City of Allen Street Right-Of-Way.
  • Sidewalk sections to be replaced shall be a minimum of 8 linear feet in length.
  • Sidewalk has surface spalling with a depth of one quarter 1/4 inch or greater, and covers 50% or more of the area in question.
  • Sidewalk sections are up heaved or depressed causing an abrupt change in grade of 40% or more [2 inches vertical in 10 inches horizontal] or creates an unsafe condition as determined by the Director of Community Services or his designee.
  • Sidewalk sections are broken with pieces missing.