Do-It-Yourself Disposal

  1. Custer Road Transfer Station
  2. Other Drop Off Facilities
The City of Allen offers “do it yourself” trash disposal for Allen residents. Residents may dump two loads of residential trash and debris and two loads of yard trimmings per month at the Custer Road Transfer Station and Wood Grinding Operation. Commercial businesses or contractors may not use this disposal option, even on behalf of residents.

Custer Road Transfer Station

9901 Custer Road (southwest corner of Ridgeview and Custer Road) 
Plano, TX 75025
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Hours of operation

  • Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed Sundays and major holidays

Service guidelines

  • ID required: Current City of Allen utility bill and Texas driver's license; addresses must match.
  • All loads must be covered (tarped or tied down) according to State law.
  • North Texas Municipal Water District Transfer Stations accept two visits per month for trash disposal, and two visits for yard trimmings disposal, per residential household.
  • This service is not intended for large volumes of home improvement waste. Contractors may not dispose of residents’ home improvement waste at this location. Please dispose of all home improvement waste at the 121 Regional Disposal Facility (address below).
  • Loads delivered in a commercial or contractor vehicle and/or trailer (with the business name visible on either the truck or trailer) are charged the associated per yard tipping fee. Loads delivered in a perceived commercial or contractor vehicle and/or trailer (equipped with landscape equipment such as mowers, weed eaters, or irrigation tools) will be charged the associated per yard tipping fee.
  • This facility and disposal option is not intended for commercial or business use by Allen residents. If the volume of dumped material equals or exceeds 15 cubic yards per month for two consecutive months, the vehicle owner will be advised that future loads will be charged the associated tipping fee.
  • Residential loads must arrive in a passenger vehicle, pick-up truck or trailer of any size, as long as the non-dumping trailer is towed behind a passenger vehicle or pick-up truck. Flat-bed rental trucks are acceptable. Stake bed and box trucks are not acceptable (see pictures below).

Acceptable trucks

Acceptable Residential Items


Wastes generated within the residential property that are up to 8 feet for any given dimension. Examples of acceptable waste include:
  • Bicycles
  • Food waste
  • Furniture
  • Grills (no propane tanks)
  • Lawn furniture
  • Lawn mowers (gasoline and oil removed)
  • Packaging material
  • Mattresses


The following materials may be dropped-off by residents to be recycled:
  • Brush, paper bagged leaves, grass clippings
  • Used oil (maximum of five gallons per visit)
  • Used oil filters
  • Whole passenger vehicle tires (maximum of 4 per visit)