Learn to Skate

Homeschool Ice Skating Class 

Special homeschool sessions begin every 4 weeks. For more information or to register, contact Christy Malacrea by email or by phone at 972.912.1093.

Allen Academy of Skating

Allen Community Ice Rink offers a comprehensive Learn to Skate program for all ages and abilities. Group lessons are a fun way to learn skating basics or improve your skills. From tots taking their first steps to adults returning to the ice, the Allen Community Ice Rink has the right class for you.


Summer  - 8 week semester is $88.
Fall - 7 week semester is $77.
Pre Winter - 7 week semester is $77.

All learn to skate classes include:

  • 25 minutes of instruction per class
  • Free skate rental for all classes
  • Open skate punches to be used within the semester
  • Class Descriptions


Intro to Skating

For the first time skaters. Learn skating basics:
  • How to fall properly
  • How to get up
  • Forward marching
  • 2 foot glides
  • 1 foot glides
  • Backward wiggles
  • Forward scooter pushes
  • 2 foot snow-plow stops

Pre Alpha

  • 2 foot glides
  • 1 foot glides
  • Forward and backward swizzles
  • Forward skating
  • Snow-plow stops
  • Forward half swizzles
  • Beginning forward crossovers

Intro to Hockey

Prerequisite: Pre Alpha
(Hockey Helmet with full cage and gloves recommended.)
  • 2 foot glides
  • 1 foot jumps
  • Forward and backward swizzles
  • Forward Skating
  • Snow-plow stops
  • Forwards Half Swizzles
  • Beginning Forward Crossovers

Hockey 1

Prerequisite: Intro to Hockey
Hockey skates required and available for rental. Hockey Helmet with full cage, gloves, and stick recommended.

  • Forward and backward swizzles
  • 1 foot C-cuts
  • Forward and backward crossovers
  • Forward to backward transitions
  • Pivot turns
  • Hockey stops


  • Forward stroking
  • Forward crossovers (left and right)
  • Backward half swizzles
  • 1 foot snow-plow stops


  • Backward stroking
  • Backward crossovers (left and right)
  • T-stops (left and right)
  • Beginning 2 foot turns


  • Forward inside Mohawks (left and right)
  • Forward outside 3 turns (left and right)
  • Beginning forward edges
  • Hockey stops


  • Forward outside and inside edges
  • Forward inside 3 turns
  • Bunny hops
  • Lunges
  • Waltz jumps
  • 2 foot spins

Pre Freestyle

  • Back Edges
  • Moving 3s and Mohawks
  • Alternating 3s
  • Spin Entries
  • Various Edge Exercises

Freestyle Workshop

  • Beginning .5 revolution jumps
  • Two foot and one foot spins
  • Ballet jumps
  • Toe loop and loop jumps
  • Sit spins
  • Beginning back spins
  • Beginning backward three turns

Advanced Freestyle Workshop

  • Lutz jump
  • Axles and double jumps
  • All spins including camels, laybacks and back scratch spins
  • Advance edge work


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