1. Trail Planning
  2. Unique Trail Segments
  3. Regional Connectivity
  4. Implementation

Imagine getting from one part of town to just about any other part of town without driving a motorized vehicle. Planning has already begun to accomplish this vision. Development of a comprehensive plan was initially conceived as two separate plans — one for a comprehensive system of hike and bike trails and the other for a system of bicycle-friendly streets. View the City of Allen Trails and Bikeways Master Plan.

It simply made good sense to merge these two closely-related initiatives, since they both address the movement of people across our city in a non-motorized fashion. The resulting combination is the Allen Consolidated Alternative Transportation and Recreational Trail Plan. 

Allen currently has more than 65 miles of paved hike and bike trails. As each new trail segment is built, Allen gets just a bit closer to having a genuine trail system.