To Request Inspection
Fax or deliver the appropriate and completed form to the Allen Fire Marshal's Office. The Inspector will call the contact person on the form to schedule the inspection. Our fax number and address are on the top of the form.

All system inspections require:
  • 48-Hour advanced scheduling
  • Permit Number issued by the Fire Marshal's Office
  • Pre-Test Certification Letter
Items required at the inspection:
  • Allen Fire Marshal's Office Approved "stamped" plans.
  • A copy of the permit.
  • Failure to have these documents at the site at time of inspection or at any time during construction shall constitute working without a permit and will result in a fine and a stop work order.
  • Plan Review Summary Letter provided by the Fire Marshal's Office.
Additional Requirements for Fire Alarm Companies
Shall have two personnel available at the test site with their own two-way communication.

Partial Inspections
The Allen Fire Marshal's Office does NOT perform partial inspections.

Failures given because:
  • Failure of any of the system components.
  • Personnel performing the test are not ready to perform the inspection/test at the time scheduled.
  • Work being performed at the scheduled inspection time.
Scheduling of a Re-inspection
All re-inspections fees must be paid prior to re-scheduling the inspection/test. The inspection process will have to be initiated from the beginning.

Re-inspection fees are as follows:
  • $50 for the first re-inspection.
  • $75 for the second re-inspection.
  • $100 for the third and subsequent re-inspections.