Education Programs

Young boy standing nervously near a firefighter dummy dressed in full Allen Fire Department bunker g

Allen Fire Department uses quality simulation and training equipment to deliver a lifelike educational experience. If you have any questions about our programs, call our Public Education Coordinator at 214.509.4413.

Want to schedule a tour or class for your group?
Please give our team at least two weeks notice when scheduling tours or group classes. Request an appearance, station tour or online Zoom session

Programs offered by Allen Fire Department

  • Apparatus Display Presentation: 

    Children can enjoy an up-close look at an ambulance, fire truck or engine.
  • Bunker Gear Presentation: 

    Firefighters show what they look like before and after they are called to a fire. This program is designed to prepare children not to be afraid of firefighters when they have to come into a home. This presentation is also available in a pre-recorded video for visits that cannot occur in person.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training: 

    A digital fire simulator lets users experience fire extinguisher operations while remaining indoors. This is a safe, smoke-free training.
  • Fire Station Tours: 

    Learn about life at the fire station and meet some of our crew members!
  • Safety Trailer: 

    This mobile classroom is equipped with lifelike simulations to educate people of all ages on what to do when a fire strikes in the kitchen or outside of a bedroom.
  • Smoke House Simulation: 

    An instructor uses a furnished, two-story plexiglass doll house to demonstrate how quickly smoke fills each level of a house. The demonstration teaches the importance of keeping the bedroom door closed and shows the methods firefighters use to ventilate a smoke filled home.