Volunteer / Donate


The Animal Shelter welcomes volunteers to help with the day-to-day care of animals. Applications are available at the Animal Shelter.

​Adult Volunteers

Adults must pass a background check before volunteering at the Animal Shelter. They must also attend a 2-hour training class, including classroom and hands-on training.

Youth Volunteers

Allen Animal Shelter is not accepting new youth volunteers at this time.


The Animal Shelter is grateful for any donations. See below for a list of frequently-used items.
Food & Treats Safety Cleaning Supplies Toys Adoption Supplies
Iams Adult Cat Food  Collars (new or gently used) Windex Chew toys Gift bags

Iams Mini Chunks 

Leashes Laundry detergent Kongs  
Treats Non-clumping cat litter Clorox wipes Other toys  
Kitten food   Paper towels Stretch and Scratch  
Canned kitten food   Sponges Cat toys  
Pill pockets