Registration & Fees

The following services and fees are facilitated by Animal Control in accordance with city ordinance. If you have questions about these fees or policies, contact Animal Control at 214.509.4378.
  1. License Fees
  2. Adoption Fees
  3. Impoundment
  4. Microchipping
  5. Surrender Fees
Allen requires pet owners to register all dogs, cats and ferrets who are at least four months old. Each registered pet receives a PetHub registration tag with a unique identification number. Using this tag, anyone who finds your pet can quickly access information you provide about your pet's allergies, vaccination history and emergency contacts. The tag must be securely attached to the animal's collar or harness and worn at all times.

License/Registration Requirements

Pets may be registered for 1-3 years, depending on when your pet's rabies vaccination expires. Pet owners must submit a current rabies vaccination certificate and pay the applicable license fee to register their pet(s). The rabies vaccination certificate must include the name and address of the applicant, a description of the animal and proof of a current rabies vaccination. It is helpful if the rabies vaccination certificate indicates if the pet is sterilized.

How to Register

Pet owners must submit a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate and payment in person or by mail to:

Allen Animal Shelter
770 S. Allen Heights Drive
Allen, TX 75002

Please make checks payable to "Allen Animal Shelter."

 Animal Registration Fees  1 YEAR 2 YEARS   3 YEARS
 Dog, cat or ferret - sterilized  $10  $15  $20
 Dog, cat or ferret - sterilized (senior discount)  $5  $9  $12
 Dog, cat or ferret - unsterilized  $35  $45  $50
 Dog deemed dangerous by animal control authority
 (with history of complaints, warnings)
 Service dog or police dog  FREE FREE  FREE 
 Other Fees  
 Lost/replacement tag