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Water Distribution & Maintenance
The City of Allen’s water distribution system is designed to ensure each customer has reliable and safe drinking water. The distribution system was designed based on the need for the City to meet maximum water demands and ensure refill of the elevated storage tank in a timely manner. Full time staff are assigned to ensuring safe drinking water is delivered to Allen customers. This includes water storage and pumping operations, water line maintenance and leak detection initiatives, and water quality.

Water Storage & Pumping Operations
Stacy Pump StationPump Station Operations
The City of Allen currently operates two pump stations: Stacy Road Pump Station and Custer Road Pump Station. This City’s maximum pumping capacity is 27 million gallons per day, which meets the highest level of demand.

The City of Allen operates a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to monitor water levels in storage facilities, to ensure proper water pressure and to operate pumps and valves that supply water to storage facilities.

Water Storage
Ground Storage
Stacy Ground StorageThe City of Allen currently has 26 million gallons of ground storage capacity.

The recent completion of a second 6 million gallon ground storage tank located at the Custer Road pump station increased our water storage capacity to a level that takes the City to build out.

The combination of ground storage capacity from the facilities located at Stacy Road and Custer Road provides flexibility with maintenance as well as provides additional protection in the event of an interruption in water supply.

Elevated Storage
Water TowerThe City of Allen has 9 million gallons of elevated storage tank capacity with a total of five elevated water towers. Elevated water storage tanks serve as a water pressure regulator and can serve as a source of supply when the system demand exceeds the ability to provide water by pumping alone. The recent completion of the Hillside 2 million gallon elevated water tower brought the City to the 9 million gallon build-out capacity. 

Public Education & Outreach
At times, the Water and Sewer Division are asked to lead field trips through the pump station to learn about Allen's water distribution system. Education demonstrations include a model water tower, leak detection camera, vactor truck, as well as a video of a water tower inspection. Students also have the opportunity to participate in “The Incredible Journey” activity, which takes students through the water cycle. Water conservation tips are always included as a part of the presentation. 

Water Line Maintenance
The City of Allen conducts regular preventative maintenance to over 320 miles of water distribution lines to ensure uninterrupted, quality water supply. This includes flushing water mains, servicing valves and fire hydrants on a regular schedule, and conducting state-of-the-art leak detection and prevention.

Water Line Repairs
Water Line RepairThe Water and Sewer Division staff is ready to respond to water line repairs 24 hours a day. Despite proactive efforts to maintain the system, unexpected line breaks may sometimes occur.

Some of the common causes of these breaks include extreme weather and drought conditions, which affect the water lines. Shifting ground may cause the water lines to break or leak. Other line breaks may be as a result of construction contractors accidentally hitting water lines.

When breaks occur, it is our top priority to minimize the impact to the customers and restore the line as quickly as possible. The average time to complete a repair is 3 hours.

Leak Detection Program
Leak DetectionIn addition to regular water line maintenance, the water division takes preventive maintenance a step further. The City of Allen began a formal leak detection program in 2004, which has proven to be one of the most valuable initiatives to proactively find water system leaks.

The department uses high-tech water leak detection equipment to systematically test the water system infrastructure. The system includes a computerized leak detection monitor and a current generation ground listening system to quickly find the specific location of underground leaks.

The department regularly tests the water lines throughout the City to reduce water loss, locate and repair hidden leaks to avoid major water line failures. These proactive efforts contribute to the City’s success in surpassing the 12% state standard for water system loss with Allen maintaining only a 6% water loss.

Report a Water Leak
If you notice standing water, and you suspect a water leak, please contact the City of Allen to report the leak. The Stacy Road Pump Station operates 24 hours a day and will respond to all calls for service. The emergency number is 214.509.4530.

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