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Wastewater Maintenance
The wastewater collection system is designed to eliminate and carry the wastewater through the city’s sewer lines. A vast system of underground sewers, force mains and pumping stations collect the wastewater from the homes of the city's residents and deliver it to North Texas Municipal Water District’s (NTMWD) main sewer lines, then to their wastewater treatment plant located near Lucas.

The operation and maintenance of over 300 miles of pipes and six lift stations are performed by 14 employees of the Sewer Division in the Community Services Department. Their responsibilities include maintaining all the lift stations and managing the city’s preventive maintenance program for all items related to the sewer collection system.

Inflow & Infiltration
An aging sewer system is in constant need of inspection and repair. Cracked and broken sewer lines and manholes allow groundwater to enter the sewers system. In addition to groundwater, illegal sump pump connections and roof downspouts add rainwater to the sewer system. This additional water volume is called inflow and infiltration. During a rain event this additional water can overburden the sewer system and cause overflows. These types of connections are reported to Code Enforcement for action.

water sewer line