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Understanding Your Bill
The City of Allen began using its current utility bill format in July of 2008. The format is designed to make it easier to understand and help track your water usage over a 12-month period. More information about the format is provided by the City. 

Billing Cycles
The City is divided into four billing cycles, which are on a monthly billing period. Each billing cycle has its own dates for reading meters and billing accounts, and a clearly established due date for the bill.

The water charge is based on actual usage per unit (unit = 1,000 gallons). In order to encourage conservation, the per unit charge (unit = 1,000 gallons) increases at higher volumes of usage.

The sewer charge is a per-unit charge based on the meter size and the amount of water used during the billing period. Sewer charges on residential accounts are billed based on your water consumption.

Waste Services (Trash/Recycling Collection)
All residential trash and recycling services are provided weekly by Community Waste Disposal (CWD) and are billed through the utility bill. Your service is activated through the utility billing division when you establish your water service. Allen residents are required to use City-provided trash and recycling services. Refer to the Trash & Recycling section of the website for more detailed information on trash and recycling services.

Household Hazardous Waste Fee
The City of Allen provides household hazardous waste collection service for household chemicals generated by Allen residents. City staff collects small HHW items that are taken directly to the City of Plano’s HHW Reuse Center. In return, the items suitable for reuse are available free to Allen residents at the Plano Reuse Center.

Drainage Fees
It is necessary to maintain and repair existing storm drainage systems and minimize natural stream erosion. This charge is billed to the customer through monthly water bills and is a flat rate of $3.00 for the residential drainage fee. Non-residential drainage fees are calculated based on total acreage as it relates to impervious coverage.

Explanation of Your Statement
  • Account Number — identifies your metered account number
  • Bill Date — shows the date the bill was sent
  • Cycle — identifies which of the four billing cycles you are on
  • Due Date — payment is due prior to 5 pm on the date shown, which is 20 days after bill date
  • Pay and After — this section shows the amount due if payment is received after the due date defined
  • Service Period — identifies the period of water use and total number of days in this cycle for which you are being billed
  • Total Current Charges — shows charges for current billing cycle, past due amount and total due and the date due
  • Usage — Shows the total gallons of water used this cycle. The number represents hundreds of gallons. So, the usage of 22 is 2,200 gallons. The second number shows the previous year’s usage for the same month
  • Summary of Charges — shows the service, consumption and charge for each item being billed

Other Information
  • Drainage is the flat rate for drainage maintenance
  • Hazardous Waste fee is for the HHW program
  • Sales tax is charged on the Waste Service only
  • Waste Services is trash and recycling collection
  • Water & Sewer charges are based on overall water consumption

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