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Jazz Medley - From Nevelson to Village Logo

Piece: “Jazz Medley - From Nevelson to Village Logo"

Artist: Rich Morgan

Description: This is a site-specific, contemporary artwork, consisting of 10 relief sculptures embedded in five vertical, rectangular forms in the median of Stacy Road. It serves as a monument to the Town of Fairview and City of Allen and a symbol of our support for the local artists who bring vibrant life and beauty to our communities. The relief sculptures appear to be simple variations on the theme of leaves and branches. However, the artwork is infused with many layers of meaning, references, allegories and enigmatic clues. The artwork is not intended to represent, portray or symbolize anything.

"Jazz Medley — From Nevelson to Village Logo" is a thoughtful series of five individual, freestanding monoliths with double-sided relief sculptures. The series of designs feature multi-level geometric and organic shapes, arranged in compartmentalized structures in a style inspired by prominent mid-twentieth century sculptor Louise Nevelson. Meant to be read in a series, each monolith exhibits subtle changes and variations that reflect the movement and pace of jazz music. The final sculpture in the series pays tribute to The Village at Fairview and The Village at Allen with an abstracted version of the developments logo design.

Medium: The sculptures are fabricated from aluminum plate and 1" thick acrylic sheet, cut with a computer-controlled router and painted with a fluoropolymer coating system.  Each monolith contains a steel structural supporting system.

Location: Stacy Rd. and US-75

Date of Commission: 2008

Commissioned By: The MGHerring Group