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Will the sound be disruptive to park users?
If the use of noisemaking devices is necessary, the sound will be heard in and around the park area. Loud explosive, banging or screaming types of noisemaking devices are recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in order to create a disruptive environment the Egrets find unsuitable for nesting. The noisemaking devices will primarily be used during the late afternoon hours to early dusk.

Parks and Recreation - Migratory Birds

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1. Will the noise be contained to the park or will it be heard by the surrounding/immediate neighborhoods?
2. What time of day will noisemaking devices be used?
3. Will the sound be disruptive to park users?
4. Any concern that the egrets will just select other parks or neighborhood greenbelt areas?
5. Why are we trying to prevent the nesting?

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