ACTV Policies

Allen City Television (ACTV) is a government channel. There are no legal requirements to broadcast any type of programming that is not government-related. ACTV is dedicated to providing programming that is centered on government programs, activities and services.

Programming Services
Community Bulletin Board - Informational messages or public service announcements displayed in type-written or graphic form and audio / video display. The bulletin board is in operation when no other programming is scheduled.

Live Cablecast - The televising of an event as it is happening. Live coverage of city events will include, but is not limited to, City Council meetings, Planning and Zoning Commission meetings and special meetings as requested by city departments only. Live events may be taped for archival or rebroadcast purposes.

Tape-Delayed Cablecast - A program or event videotaped for cablecast at a later time. City Council meetings and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings will be cablecast both live and by tape delay at set times during the week.

Requests for Programming
Community-wide activities that include sponsorship by or affiliation to the City of Allen or a city department will be promoted on ACTV as requested and submitted by city staff or appropriate representatives of organizations affiliated with the city. Requests for inclusion on or coverage by ACTV will not be accepted from the community at large.

Organizers of community-wide events should work with appropriate city staff contacts to inquire about submission for coverage on or by ACTV. Coverage will consist of a graphic slide or PSA on the Community Bulletin Board. Coverage of the actual event is at the discretion of the city depending upon the city’s level of participation or involvement in the event. Coverage of the actual event also is contingent upon ACTV staff availability and scheduling.

Requests for inclusion on the Community Bulletin Board should be at least 30 days prior to the event date or any related deadline required for event participation.

Request for event coverage requires a formal approval process and should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event date.