Water Conservation

The new Water Conservation and Water Resource Management Plan for the City of Allen, Texas (The Plan) became effective May 1, 2015 by Ordinance Number 3219-4-14 and can be found online in Municode.

To report water violations call 214.509.3111.

  1. watering restrictions
  2. our water supply
  3. lake lavon levels
  4. why we conserve
Sprinkler use is permitted up to two times per week on allowed watering days, if needed. Please note: it is a violation of the Water Conservation Plan to operate sprinklers during rain or freeze events.

In our new Water Conservation Plan, the daytime watering restriction is no longer in force from November 1 through March 31.  During the winter months, daytime watering is preferred, when needed, due to colder temperatures and freeze conditions.  There is no change to the number of days you can water.  You must still adhere to your two allowed watering days and water only as needed.  Continue to use the Outdoor Watering Schedule Map to identify when sprinkler use is permitted for their neighborhood.

Remember rainfall is usually sufficient for most landscapes from October 15 through March 1, and there is no need to water.  It is best to keep the sprinkler controller in the "OFF" position, and only run it manually if necessary.

All restrictions from the Water Conservation portion of the plan is in effect. Please view a list of these restrictions.