Library Gallery

The Allen Public Library offers a mix of local, national and traveling exhibits in the display cases located in the library's foyer outside of the entrance to the Civic Auditorium. Often, these exhibits relate to special programs hosted by the library and partner organizations such as the Friends of the Library and the Allen Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Chorus.

Library Gallery - May 2017

Case 1 APL is 50:  1980-1989
Case 2 World Mandala Sketchbooks - Kelly Bartlett
Case 3 Baskets, Bowls & Boxes - Steve Ogden
Case 4 Litter Awareness & Thanks! Adopt-a-Program Groups - City of Allen
Case 5 Every Drop Counts & Sprinkler Math - City of Allen
Case 6
Library: Adult Services:  Let's Talk Dewey:  Music/ New Century Trumpet
Quartet/ May Craft Programs
Youth Services: 2017 Birthday Celebrations
FOL: Bach to Books:  The Real Downton Abbey/ Beatlemania64/ 
Iwo Jima Survivor Clyde Jackson & The Allen Community Band