Large Loose Brush Collection

Schedule Large Loose Brush Pickup
Residents with up to three cubic yards (approximately three washing machines, placed side-by-side) of loose brush may schedule pickup with Community Waste Disposal by calling 972.392.9300 (option 2). Calls must be received by noon on Tuesday for Wednesday collection according to the brush collection schedule (see below).

The amount of brush must not exceed three cubic yards (approximately three washing machines, placed side-by-side). Loose brush collection will be scheduled according to resident's designated trash day.

Note: When trimming or removing trees, make sure to negotiate the removal fees with your contractor. The City is not responsible for removing tree debris that is cut by commercial contractors. 

See schedule below:
Trash Collection Day
Loose Brush Collection Day
Monday 1st Wednesday of the Month
Tuesday 2nd Wednesday of the Month
Wednesday and Thursday
3rd Wednesday of the Month
Friday 4th Wednesday of the Month
Para asistencia en español, llame a 972.392.9300 (opción 8).