Youth Hockey Programs

Interested in playing ice hockey for the first time? Check out Learn to Play Hockey to start on your path to success today!

Next Level Hockey
The ACIR Youth Hockey program offers an six week Next Level Hockey program during the Summer II semester. These classes will prepare your players to truly excel to a higher and more competitive level. This is a vital step for any students interested in playing hockey and taking current players to the next level.
  • Regular registration for any hockey player is - $96
  • All Next Level participants will receive a $20 discount off the Jr American Fall 2015-2016 season
  • Sibling discount is 10% off
Emphasis will be centered on building the player from the ground up. Skating will be the core of all concepts along with strength and conditioning throughout the entire semester. As the players gain skating as well as hockey skills and knowledge of what is being taught, the coaches will progress them through the predetermined lesson guidelines.

The classes will be comprised of all age groups and skill levels so this will call for a breakdown instead of one mass group in order to give age and skill specific instruction. Players that fall within the “Mite” and “Squirt” age groups will be given instructional classes on Mondays from 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. With the “Pee Wee” and “Bantam” age groups will participating on the Wednesday session from 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.

The Semester will follow a close guideline curriculum that will be set out by phase badges. The phase badges will have three phases until completion of this semester.

First the “Red Phase” will be the most challenging phase of breaking bad habits as well as starting from the basics for a lot of the students.

Next will be the “White Phase” where a lot of students interested in hockey tend to plateau, as they have a fairly general concept of what is going on and are pretty consistent in performing the elements requested by the coach.

The final “Blue Phase” will begin the situational application of elements and skills into small area games, races competitions, and hockey scrimmages. This phase will show the coach how the students think when faced with an opponent and permitted to shoot pucks, while making accurate passes and exhibiting, awareness with proper technique.

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(Registration Closed) Jr. Americans Youth Hockey Program (JAYHP)
By incorporating USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) we can raise the level of creativity among players, increase player participation, and create a positive environment for kids to play, love and excel. The Jr. Americans Youth Hockey Program provides players an age-appropriate environment in which they can reach their potential and most importantly have FUN. On and off the ice practice sessions will be structured utilizing USA Hockey guidelines, with a high expectation for fair play and sportsmanship. All Mite (8U) games will be played in the Dallas Stars Youth Hockey League (DSYHL) while Squirt (10U), Peewee (12U) and Bantam (14U) games will be played in the Dallas Stars Metro Hockey League (DSMHL). Both the DSYHL and DSMHL formats will include leveling games and a tiered schedule ensuring Jr. Americans teams will play comparably skilled teams throughout the season and playoffs. 

*Registration is now closed for the 2015-2016 Jr American's Youth Hockey program. 

Parent Code of Conduct
Player Code of Conduct
Jr. Americans League Format
Mite Division
  • 40 age-appropriate practices (twice per week)
  • 20 cross-ice games that follow USA Hockey Guidelines
  • Team and individual photo day
  • $999 - individual registration (payment plan available)
Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam Divisions
  • 20 age-appropriate practices (once per week)
  • 20 full-ice games
  • Team and individual photo day
  • $999 individual registration (payment plan available)
Applicable League Discounts
  • 1st Sibling Discount - $50 off
  • 2nd Sibling Discount - $100 off
  • Those participating in the summer session of Next Level will receive $20 off
Youth Learn to Play
The Youth Learn to Play class will teach youth skaters the fundamentals of ice hockey (skating, puck control, shooting and passing) through various drills, personalized instruction and small area games. Enrollment in Advanced Hockey Skating while participating in this program is highly recommended. Full equipment is required. Class schedule and registration.

Mini Biscuits
Sessions will be structured using the principles of the ADM, will focus on age-appropriate learning, provide players an environment in which they can reach their fullest potential and, most importantly, have fun. Mini Biscuits is open to boys and girls 4-6 years of age. Full equipment is required. OneGoal Equipment packages are available to rent to use for the duration of the program. C urrent class schedule and registration.

Youth Advanced Hockey Skating
A semester course within the Allen Academy of Skating Learn to Skate program that expands on the basic hockey skating skills that are learned in Beginner Hockey Skating: hockey stance, glide hop 1 foot, tight turn, forward c-cuts, forward crossovers, c-cuts: swizzles backwards, backwards c-cuts, backwards crossovers, control stop, hockey stop, v-starts, side v-starts, double leg backward stop.

Stick Time (All Ages)
Stick-time is designed to give players the chance to practice what they learned in their hockey classes or just play around in their hockey gear and equipment. Stick-time also provides an opportunity for players to practice their skills one-on-one with a coach. Sessions are limited to 25 skaters on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Open to all ages, unless otherwise indicated as below.
12 & Under
12 and Under Stick-time is designated only for participants that are 12 years of age and younger. 1 coach, parent or guardian (age 18 years and older) may accompany a youth player on-ice during a “12 and Under Stick Time” session as long as the focus is providing individual skill instruction to the youth.

13 & Older
13 and Older Stick-time is designated only for participants that are 13 years of age and older.